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« on: October 30, 2016, 03:35:26 AM »
The following are for Java and Android compilations:

Added support for DWORD. Huge!
Added support for SHIFT [SIGNED] {LEFT | RIGHT }, NumericVariable (Including new data type DWORD!!)
Added support for BIN$().
Added support for BIT().
Added support for &hFFFFF (HEXADECIMAL values)
Added support for &b000001010101 (BINARY values)

The following are for PowerBASIC:

Pretty code, finally the Engine produces pretty code, just like you enter it.
Fixed many, many many... many  crashes. Sigh. Sorry about that.
Added RAW mode.
Fixed DLL compilation.
Added #OPTIONS EXCLUDE, which excludes scripting engines.
Added PREFILL to override the EXCLUDE setting on specific types.
Fixed PRINTBR with no parameters.

The following are for the IDE:
Got rid of the progress bars for FTP tasks, implemented task button progress.
Removed some limitations from the DEMO.
Fixed compiled code display which was being shown wrong.

I forgot wat else but this update was like 100 hours. Sigh.

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